Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Just work on..

When we look back at the past, knowing what we know now, we often find it difficult to understand how we made the mistakes we made. This is because once we learn new information, it is nearly impossible to reenter the headspace we were in before we learned that information. Our personal pasts are full of mistakes we can't believe we made. We did things then that we would never do now, and this is precisely because we have information now that we didn't have, or weren't able to access, then.

Our collective human past sometimes reads like a document on what not to do. In many ways, this is exactly as it should be. We learn from living and having experiences. It is from these past actions that we
garnered the information that guides us to live differently now. Just so, in our personal lives, we probably had to have a few unsuccessful
relationships ,works or jobs, learning about our negative tendencies through them, in order to gain the wisdom we have now.

In order to live more peacefully with the past, it helps to remember
that once we know better, we tend to do better
. Prior to knowing, we
generally do our best, and while it's true that from the perspective of the present, our best doesn't always seem good enough, we can at least give our past selves the benefit of the doubt. We did our best with what knowledge we had. Beyond this, we serve the greater good most effectively by not dwelling on the past, instead reigning our energy and knowledge into our present actions. It is here, in this moment, that we create our reality and ourselves anew, with our current knowledge and information.

Monday, 3 December 2007

My aim for this holiday

I want to go fishing.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Beetle and I

A minute before this I received a scolding from my Mum. Reason being? I caught a beetle and was fascinated by its appearance so brought it to her, half hoping that she'll be equally interested in it but I was wrong. She dislikes insect and that's what i always mis-interpreted it as 'she dislikes Cockroaches only'. The worst thing comes when the beetle starts to fly off in front of her. Awww... I guess i don't have to go further from here yea? Screaming was all she did. Haha, guess that I've scared the daylight out of her.

Didn't expect myself at a age of 18 to get scoldings just because of this kiddy reason. But well, never mind, my bet =)

I was a good boy today. I helped her mopped the floor and err..also commented her cooking was good! Ha! Surprisingly when i lend her a hand today, i felt like I'm back to the olden days. It's the feeling when i was in my Pri sch, where my bro and I usually got fooled to do housework But this time round, it's done at my own will and i guess that really marks the difference in ago gap. To lighten our mums' workload, who wouldn't want to do so?

Went back to school for maths tutorial in the morning and band practise in the afternoon. Hrmx. JJC's band is seriously becoming a girls' band! Gosh! Imagine, I was the only male player sitting among couple of the other female players today! It's like... What happened?!! Their topic revolves around girl stuffs and for a moment i felt like I'm the only guy on earth. Argh. Anyway, I learned MUSIC THEORY today and it's like so boring that half of my mind has already switched off even before they started teaching. LOL. Failure huh.

Alright, nothing exciting installed for me this holiday except the trip back to HK in Dec. Yup, I'll look forward to it =)

Presenting to you my new pet...!!

Sipei: Yeayea! I'm better now, thanks =)
Catherine: Yea, being student is just a little part of my life but the rest of my life very much depend on it. There goes my future if i screw up my studies. Haha. Well, I'll try my best to achieve good results and make sure i'll be able to travel around the world one day. Oh, will you be free this coming Dec? I may be going back to Hk so do keep some time off from your work for me yea? Lols.
Jeanie: Come on, dont make it sound as if I'm a pessimist yea! Haha. Anyway, thanks for your concern la, I appreciate it. Thanks =)
Goddess: Lol, so weird, I cant believe I'm actually addressing the goddess here. so bhb. K, slow snail, being human, we sometimes would lose control of our emotions and we're vulnerable to emotional change. But well! I'll take your advise yea? Haha. OMG. Why do I sound so formal? LOL. Let's make some NOISE!! AHHHHHHHH!! =D

Sunday, 14 October 2007

It's nature or nuture?

I'm sick and tired of life.
Why do i feel so lonely now? Not trying to act emo but I'm just trying to express how I'm feeling right now. I'm starting to think that I'm an introvert. They once said JC is the most hectic and has the greater chance of widering our social circle but that's not the case for me. In fact, i cant click well with my schoolmates, a lot of time I've to take my own initiative to catch up with them or even to talk them. When it comes to jokes, i always find myself unable to follow up with their jokes or apprehend it. This sucks, seriously. And also, to 'live' with them, i have to constantly change my character to something similar to theirs, otherwise it's I myself again.

Family? Hate to ask myself this but do i have a complete family? Yea, they do give me allowance; they joke; they cook and they ask about my studies. But when i'm down and needs someone close to speak to, where are they? Huh, probably sleeping or even snoring away. I feel obliged to study and have to ignore my emotions all the time just because they are working really hard to earn a living. I AM a human and I DO have feelings. My dad, who i seldom talk to, treats money as everything. The care and concern he has for me is by giving my allowance every half a month. For all he cares is I'm still walking around the house alive and i bet he doesn't even know I'm studying in jc. Often, i find myself at the junction of deciding whether or not to share my problems with them. Home has seemingly became a place where i sleep, eat, study and none others. This is not about anger but disappointment. But well, forget it. Nothing i say will help solve problem.

I have good friends from secondary school but most of the time i feel sorry for them. I should admit that i have a weird personality and that has resulted in me abandoning friends when I'm upset. I'm sorry but i cant help having that kind of feeling. Sometimes, when i type a personal message into my msn i would usually ask myself if there's anyone who would even bother about it. Maybe I'm a workaholic, cant help having random emotions during free times. Ah! FORGET IT...

Tomorrow will be my goldfishes and I, meaning I'll be accompanying them the whole day.

This is a emo entry, don't bother if they don't feel like reading. But if you do spare a thought for me, i appreciate it. =)

Together, it seems..

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Just for laughter...

This is a piece of funny joke that worth taking time off to read =)

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson go on a camping trip. After eating their sandwiches and downing their grog, they lie down for the night, and go to sleep. A few hours later, Holmes wakes up and shakes his friend: 'Watson, look up and tell me what you see.'

'I see zillions and zillions of stars,' Watson replies.
'And what does that tell you?'
'Astronomically, it tells me that there are billions of galaxies and possibly billions of planets. Astrologically, I see Saturn is in Leo. Horologically, I deduce that the time is about 3.15am.'

'Theologically, I believe that God is an all-powerful creator. And meteorologically, I surmise tomorrow will be beautiful day. Why, what does it tell you, Holmes?'

Holmes reaches for his pipe in the dark, sticks it in his mouth, and mumbles: 'Someone has stolen our tent, Watson.'

Saturday, 25 August 2007


As usual, nothing worth noting happened this week..

Woke up at 8.45am today and i believe it could be earlier if i didn't turn off the alarm clock =/ Oh well. Anyway, so i set off from house and took 945 from house to westmall. Went to the nearby POSB to feed my wallet and dropped by the coffeebean to get cy a ice mocha. When the counter person asked if i want cream to be added to it, i replied by asking her back, ' err..Will there be any additional charge for it?' She glanced at me and smiled. GOSH!! How could i have said that, it's so embrassing!! she must be think i'm so singaporean la! Nvm, it wouldn't have been any worser than getting scolded infront of the class by my DEAREST gp teacher. Argh, that bloody hell teacher, until now i still couldn't accept THAT as one of the reason why he blasted at me. Seriously, it's so different from secondary school teachers. The care and concern, where are they? Nvm, dont wish to talk about anymore.

Yup, went to cy's house to study but i realised that things couldn't get into my head. Probably it's because i'm not feeling well or maybe i'm not in the studying mood. Seriously, this week's schdule is really tight and i could hardly receive sufficient amount of rest. No, not much time left, promos are coming and i dont wanna retain or to go through re-examination. Let's get back to the topic, otherwise i'll be talking about world issues. haha. Alright, did few of my physics and maths tutorial questions and came to realised that it's important not to dream during lectures! Had my lunch in cy's house and i was overwhelmed by that shameless feeling. It's like i'm one who goes to ppl's house just to eat free food. You know, those kind of ppl who try to squeeze every tiny bits of good out of things. Still, i dont feel nice about myself. Err, just to let you guys know, i DO eat vegetables but not all kinds la. For example, saba-kakong vege and etc.. EXCEPT those crunchy-chewing veges, i seriously hate that kind of feeling when the teeth sank into that air-compact stem. YUCKS! I know it's mean to command but it's kinda weird when i opened the box and realised that it's filled with meats. LOL. Hrm. My jaws dropped open when i saw it, of cos la, didn't show it. Anyway, thanks for the lunch! =)

Left cy's house at around 7pm and insisted not to bring umbrella along because i was very sure that it wasn't going to rain. Er, why? It's simply because i dislike carrying umbrellas and i dont have the habit of borrowing things from others, especially things like, as mentioned, umbrella. Particularly for ppl like me who has short term memory always find it hard to return stuffs =) And believe it or not, among all things that i likely to misplace is umbrella. Thus before i could return it to the person, it's already out of sight =/ Luckily, it started raining only after i board the bus. Yup, SEE, i know the weather is by my side! Followed that, i went to bukit gombak to consult doc but only came to realise that the clinic will only be open from 9.30am-12.30pm. Gone, i'm dead, i told myself. ' Mum is going prescrible her very own-made medicine for me. Then, i continued my journey back home.

Guess that i've to make up the consultation tomorrow, Eek. My beautiful sunday morning where i can get enough sleep has vanished. Ohya, tuition tomorrow! Alright, got to rest now. As mentioned, i'm not feeling well, that's why =) Hasn't been doing something lately which i believed has attribute to my sickness and that is, drink water!! Haha, alright readers, i'll end off by advising you guys to take more water daily! Yup, kinda random one but it's beneficial! Haha. whatever!

Below are some of the photos i've taken lately. Enjoy!

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Presenting to you the 07S22!!!

Class photo behind the pool! =)

The guys in 07S22!! Err.. Civis tutor on the right..

Hate to say this but I'm in the photo. That unglum
thing which appeared out of nowhere...

JJ Escalator!!!

Applaues for you, Siva!! =D

For a moment i was wondering if she's suffocating...

School is starting tomorrow!! SHIT MAN! I missed my holidays terribly =( Argh, wish that i have a time machine! Sometimes, i really think that my bed needs more than 6 hours of my company but... hai.. couldn't help it.. NVM! Smile on! =DD